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The response to our fourth Exhibition; Awakening, was overwhelming and it attracted a lot of visitors to our site, followers to our Twitter account, a feature in Advanced Photoshop 88 and generally a huge audience. They all woke up and got to know the magic that Heartsurge really is. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for viewing this and all our other exhibitions.

The theme for this exhibition was already set before the deadline of Awakening. It was going to be "Inertia", which is defined by the refusal of a change in movement (say, the Earth's refusal to spin or move in a different direction). A definition we'd like to associate with our group. Over the past few months, our members were heavily tested into creating something with movement, while being a static matter altogether. However, as we said before; the definition of Inertia is one that we can apply to Heartsurge; we resist any change in our motion. In our case that would be our motion upwards.

And thus, after over 5 months of hard work. We are extremely proud to present 27 profound pieces of art and music that visualized each of our, new and old, artists interpretation of Inertia. Each and every single one of them unique in their very own way, something we hold in high value within our collective.

For this exhibition, we decided to highlight the extremely talented Juan Carlos Barquet from Mexico. Showing amazingly gifted skills, he contributed 2 incredible artworks to our exhibition which just shows what talent we have to offer.

That being said, we can only advice you to hold on to your seats, as this exhibition is surely to blow you away. Enjoy!
-The Heartsurge Collective…
The Heartsurge collective is proud to present to you; Exhibit 2. Containing 20 high quality solo works and vibrant collaborations, all for the sake of motivating our artists to seek their boundaries and break them, it showcases the enormous amount of talent that this group has to offer.

Without further ado; we can only direct you to the pack itself to show you what we mean.

We are also eager to announce that we are dropping the "Abstract only" label. To further our progress as an art collective, it is imperative that we accept creativity from all sides of art. We now accept all sorts of art; with a heavy eye on quality of course. If you think you are creative enough to be a part of the Heartsurge family; please go over to and apply to be an artist!

With kind regards,

the Heartsurge collective.
The Heartsurge Abstract Art Collective is proud to release its first pack, EXHIBIT A. Containing 17 vibrant works of abstract, Exhibit A is a glimpse into the future of all that is to come from Heartsurge.………
The Heartsurge Abstract Art Collective, an upcoming art group dedicated purely to abstract art.

Go apply if you're interested and be sure to check out our first release on September 4th, 2010! - site - forum
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Hello Deviantart Community,

In the near future, i plan on trying new things on my behalf, like digital paintings, CG black and white drawing or manga pages.

- Pain
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